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Keynote Presenters

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A Deaf lesbian Eritrean-American who currently works as a full-time Lecturer at California State University, Long Beach. Also a doctoral candidate at California State University, Northridge, her focus is on Deaf Faculty of Color and their intersectional and retention experiences. In addition, her research interests are in sign language contact and critical race theories.

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A performance artist known mostly for her YouTube ASL music videos, her work as a solo performer of The Rosa Lee Show, and as a lead actress in ASL Films' feature film, Versa Effect.  She also co-founded an e-magazine for the signing community called, "KISSFIST." Besides performing, she works as a Chief Marketing Officer at Communication Service for the Deaf and she resides in California along with her two young children.


In 2016, he released his sophomore album "Deaf: So What?!" An album that further explores the pursuit of proving that a disadvantage can be its polar opposite; an album of inspiration for those to understand and pursue music without the sense of hearing. With 2020 being around the corner, new music in the works, and more steps towards his ultimate goal of turning a disadvantage into a core strength for someone musically. He is, also, an actor on CW Network TV series, Black Lightning!

Warren "Wawa" Snipe
Rosa Lee
Rezenet Moges-Riedel
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